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5 Toxic behaviors of parents


Raising children is very difficult and no one has the right to judge or be judged when it comes to particular parenting style, but there is a very fine line between the mistakes parents make and the inappropriate behavior of toxic parents, the behavior of which will affect the character building of the child.

This article conceived by psychologists can help you identify and treat toxic situations that are harmful:


"I have done everything for you and you are still so ungrateful."

5 Toxic behaviors of parents 1

"Do not share the responsibility with the child"

5 Toxic behaviors of parents 2


"Do not ignore the feelings of the child, even though it seems like a normal situation"

5 toxic parental behaviors 3

"Do not look for mistakes even where there are none"

Toxic behaviors of parents 4

"Follow my instructions, but blame yourself if you fail"

Toxic behaviors of parents 5


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