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This is the city with the healthiest lifestyle


Amsterdam is the city with the healthiest lifestyle. This is not a surprising fact as, the Netherlands is the fifth happiest country in the world. The Healthy Lifestyle Index takes into account parameters such as: longevity, overweight levels or even the number of activities of a sports nature.

Amsterdam has more than 400 outdoor recreational activities and is one of the least polluted cities in Europe, famous for its bicycles and scenic canals.

Sydney ranks second among the cities that promote the healthiest lifestyle, with 2,636 hours of sunshine a year, over 1,000 hours more than Berlin, Dublin and Geneva.

These data are derived from the report of the company "Lenstore" based on a combination of data: 10 parameters for 44 cities in the world.



  1. Overweight levels
  2. Longevity
  3. Hours of sunlight
  4. Air and water quality
  5. Level of happiness
  6. The cost of a bottle of water
  7. Average working week
  8. Outdoor activities
  9. Number of restaurants
  10. Gym memberships

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