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"Blue Monday" myth or fact? This is why it is considered the saddest day of the year


The third Monday of January is called "Blue Monday" and is considered the saddest day of the year.

According to this theory, on this day of the year we are all without motivation and energy as the feeling and joy of the holidays is gone, we are a bit of a challenge with the money after spending the end of the year and above all we have that controversial and analytical feeling of things we did well and those we did badly over the past year.

But, is 'Blue Monday' really the saddest day of the year or just one marketing strategy?

This concept was first created in 2005, by psychologist Cliff Arnall. He came up with a formula that "explained" the factors that affect the "blue moon". Weather conditions, holiday spending, low level of motivation or the feeling of doing something different are said to make the third Monday of the year, the most horrible day.

However, other psychologists say there are a number of reasons to believe that "Blue Monday" is meaningless.

However it has proven successful as a marketing strategy. People "cure" the sadness of these 24 hours by going out to restaurants, beauty treatments or buying new clothes.

"Blue Monday", meaningless or not, at least highlights a problem like loneliness and makes people talk out loud about depression. "- writes" The Independent ". What matters is interacting with others, even offering them a cup of coffee while on vacation. If we face 2020, the "scariest day of the year" is just an ordinary Monday.


Source: The Independent

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