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Northern Macedonia elects representative for "Eurovision 2021"


Singer Vasil has been selected to represent Northern Macedonia in "Eurovision 2021"

Vasil was chosen to represent Northern Macedonia in last year's edition, with the song "You", but the festival was canceled due to the pandemic. This is the second time of the famous singer that I will participate in Eurovision, as we remember here that he accompanied as the second supporting voice in 2019 the singer Tamara Todevskas.

"It rarely happens in life to have not one, but three chances to make the dream come true. In 2019 I proudly stood behind Tamara Todevska, in 2020 I dedicated everything about 'You' - but Covid-19 cut my dream in half! "In 2021 I am putting my heart in your hands through my voice", said Vasil about his return to "Eurovision" this year.

"Never stop believing, never stop dreaming and fighting for what you live for. Dreams come true! ” He added.

The Eurovision semifinal nights will be held on May 18 and 20 this year, while the finals are scheduled for May 22.

Montenegro will not be a participant in this edition of the Eurosong, which will be held in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, thus joining Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Monaco, which have also confirmed that they will not receive part.

Northern Macedonia elects the representative for "Eurovision 2021" 1

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