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From Elton John to Ed Sheeran, British artists "against" Brexit


A group of 110 artists have sent a letter to the British government raising concerns that they lack invitations to be present on television or art shows, and this is due to BREX.

The artists do this in a letter published by the Times, where, among other things, they say that Europe has already become a restricted area for musicians, where they have to apply for a permit or pay additional fees.

Upon completion of free movement between the continent and the UK, individual visas must be obtained before traveling to any EU country, resulting in additional costs, including për 350 permits for musical instruments and other equipment, not to mention disputes and bureaucratic procrastination.

The letter was signed by a number of artists including: Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Liam Gallagher, Radiohead, Bob Geldof, Queen's Brian May, Robert Plant of "Led Zeppelin", Peter Gabriel, etc.


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