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These are the horoscope signs that experience celibacy most "intensively"


Being single or single is a very important stage in life, which can be full of beautiful surprises or even filled with insecurity and feelings of pessimism. But what are the horoscope signs that experience celibacy most intensely?

Sagittarius: How could it be otherwise for the sign that loves travel and exploration? You are single = more travel and opportunities to explore yourself and the world.

Libra: One of Libra’s biggest fears is loneliness, which is why being single is so hard for her. She does not like to wake up in the morning at all and realize that her life has changed and now she has to do everything from scratch alone.

Scorpio: The most mysterious horoscope sign, Scorpio has very clear ideas when it comes to finding the right partner. This is also why his relationships are consolidated and last long in time. But a single Scorpio is just as happy as when he is in a love affair. He likes to get to know himself better during this period.

Aquarius: For Aquarius, independence is sacred. He likes to make the most of it and often sees it as a springboard from which he can learn more about himself. They do not worry at all whether or not their partner is missing for a long time in their life and they see this as something normal.

Pisces: The most horoscope dreamers, Pisces intensively experience relationships in the couple. They are very emotionally involved and like to believe that their story will have a "happy ending", but when they are disappointed they send everything to the devil. Of all the signs, it is those who suffer the most from being alone.


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