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Foods rich in zinc to boost immunity


According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), zinc is important at the cellular level for things like wound healing, protein synthesis, and of course immune function. Zinc has also been shown to help reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms.

In addition to zinc supplements, it is important to consume foods that contain zinc.

Some of the foods rich in zinc:

-Beef (roasted): 7 mg (for 3 gr)

-Crabs: 6.5 mg (per 3 gr)

-Lobster: 3.5 mg (for 3 gr)

-Pork: 2.9 mg (per 3 gr)

-Beans (canned or cooked): 2.9 mg (per 1/2 cup)

-Cereals: 2.8 mg (per serving)

-Chicken meat: 2.4 mg (per 3 gr)

-Dried pumpkin seeds: 2.2 mg (per gr)

-Cos (low fat): 1.7 mg (per 8 gr)

Cooked chickpeas: 1.3 mg (for 1/2 cup)

-Kachkaval cheese: 1.2 mg (per gr)

-Oatmeal: 1.1 mg (per pack)

Maintaining balanced zinc levels with food is the safest way than with supplements, because the chances of having any side effects are slim.

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