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8 types of foods that you should include in your diet during 2021


Nutritionists have come to the conclusion that there is a list of super foods that will be the motto of 2021. Such foods are rich in antioxidants, fiber and with many benefits for our health, especially now that we are in a delicate period when it is present pandemic and you should consume foods that strengthen immunity.


If until yesterday the blueberries were not inside your fridge, this will change after January. They are rich in antioxidants and fiber, so do not forget them!

Dry fruit

They are rich in minerals, which is vital for the proper functioning of our body. Although they are fatty, they are healthy and help burn fat in the stomach.


Different types of seeds should not be missing on food shelves because as you may have noticed, their fame will be even greater this year. They are a great way to add protein and fiber to your meal.

Exotic fruits

Rich in potassium, antioxidants and fiber. Mix and drink a fruit juice to have energy all day!


Avocado has been at the top of the list of famous foods for several years, but not without reason.

Spinach and everything else green

Add spinach to your smoothie and do not share salads! They are also fashionable if you need another reason to obey.


Rich in protein and Omega 3, salmon is always a good choice, but make sure it is very fresh.

Fermented foods

Pickles, yogurt, yogurt and everything else in a jar. They are rich in probiotics and help the digestive system a lot.


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