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Can we get COVID-19 through the eyes?


We know that coronavirus can enter the body through the nose and mouth - so constant recommendations from doctors are to put a mask on the face and practice social distance.

What about the eyes? The question arises whether we should put glasses or face shields on the eyes?

It is certainly possible that a person can be infected with COVID-19 through the eyes, said Dr. Thomas Steinemann, for CNN, clinical spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

There is "new evidence" that people are becoming infected with the virus through the airways, the World Health Organization confirmed earlier this month.

One of the ways those drops can enter your body is through the eyes. It is also possible to become infected by touching a contaminated surface and then touching the eye, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Can we get infected through the eyes?" Of course.
However, contracting the virus through your eyes is less likely than getting it through your nose or mouth, Steinemann said.

The latter claimed that if a significant number of people would be infected through the eyes, doctors would see more "red eye" patients.

Also consider the route that the virus must take to infect you. It would have to infect the surface of your eye and penetrate through the tear, he said. From the nose, it would travel to the mouth or throat, and from there to the airways and lungs.

But, it should be taken into account that our eyes already have a fairly well-integrated protection, like our eyelids and reflex to glow, he said.

Tip: You should put some kind of blindfold on if you are in high risk situations where you are likely to come in contact with the virus. And if you just want to be extremely confident, goggles or a face shield can add an extra layer of protection. But for the average person, wearing a face mask and practicing social distance should suffice.


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