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Angela Peristeri recounts the painful moment when she had no money to pay for her mother's surgery


Invited to the show "The future is a girl", the famous singer has told about the most difficult period of her life, which she said she wants to erase from memory.

"When my mother was operated on, we were in Greece and I remember that we did not have money to pay for the operation. And Dad certainly had the surgery difficult five years ago because he had a very large ulcer and we didn’t know what the situation was. It was a period that he experienced very badly and I do not want to remember it at all, I want to erase it from memory "- said Angela Peristeri, who also cried during the interview.

Moreover, the singer has shown that she had to work since the age of 15, and even for a long time she was the only employee in her family.

However, these difficult situations have made Angela stronger, who today is one of the most successful artists of the Albanian scene, which has won several important awards. She has had a motivating message for all her fans. "Stay strong against all situations that come in your life. This is life, we must face the difficulties and as much as we can have hope and faith "- said Angela.

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