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Aurela Gaçe celebrates her birthday, this is how old the singer is


Singer Aurela Gaçe celebrates her birthday today and why some people can't believe it, she turns 46 years old.

The singer herself has chosen to show age without being complex, as she makes herself a wish.

Sot, 46. Once upon a time, every New October, I set myself some goals. Now, not anymore!
The only thing I want is to be too long to live and enjoy life with my daughters, to see them grow up and be there for them as my parents are still to me…. To be close to my family and move on to give you the gift that God provided me with, the song, the music.
This is not the goal. This is desire. As a person grows, he begins to think and experience differently. That is why they say "everything comes with age", now I have understood it recently. "Adolescents forever", wrote Aurela next to a photo where she appears very much in shape and full of energy.

Numerous are the congratulations that the singer has received from followers on this day marked for her.

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