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Babi Zayn forever carves little Khai on the skin


Although Gigi Hadid and Zayn became parents more than 4 months ago, the supermodel just a few days ago ended the wait to make public the baby's name.

The supermodel revealed the unique name in a very subtle way - adding the words "Khai Mama" to her Instagram bion on January 21st.

Recently Zayn in a post on the social network Instagram revealed that he tattooed the girl's name, but in Arabic.

Although he did not make the post intentional, but in the split images the fans immediately noticed the detail; the presence of a new tattoo called KHAI.

Gigi and Zayn seem to be going through a very happy period now that they have become parents.

Babi Zayn forever carves baby Khai on the skin 1


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