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What is the meaning of "Thanksgiving"


"Thanksgiving" in Albanian "Thanksgiving Day" is a very popular holiday in America and is considered as important as the Independence Day of the United States.

Thanksgiving - traditionally American and Canadian for centuries, is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of November, in the bosom of the family and as a symbolic sign on the table the turkey dominates. It also opens the festive period of the end of the year.

It was officially celebrated by President Roosevelt in 1939 and approved by the US Congress in 1941.

Thanksgiving Day is a symbol of the sharing of agricultural goods, bread, corn, and meat. Many Americans tell an old story about this, dating back to the 16th century: Pilgrims (people living in Northeast America at the time) and Native Americans had a three-day holiday where they ate together in peace.

Both groups of people worked together, they helped each other survive the harsh winter and the holiday (big festive meal) was a way to share and enjoy the harvest together.


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