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Love your body! Some tips on how to stay fit


Loving your body is not always the easiest thing to do. There are days, weeks or months when your self-esteem is low and honestly, love for your body is the last thing on your mind. You constantly skip this part, putting pressure on yourself on the reality of your body shapes.

Too often, then, we go out in front of the mirror and do not like what we see: big buttocks; rounded abdomen; arm, leg, face… But in the end it is normal for everyone to look for the best possible in terms of physical appearance. But what is abnormal is when this feeling of inability to accept oneself becomes so strong that it turns into an obsession, a fixed idea that pushes you endlessly towards improving your image or, even worse, towards hurting yourself.

We often think how can we have a perfect body? Would we manage to have a body as shapely and fantastic as the models on television? It obviously probably depends on everyone’s will, but we can guide you on how you can get there. These are the exercises that Victoria's Secret models have as part of their daily routine.

Walking exercise

This is an exercise that should be the first. It only takes three minutes and warms up your body. All you have to do is stand with your hips apart, lean forward slightly and stretch your arms. Then move back and forth to return to the starting position.

Exercises with one hand

This is Jessica White's favorite move. You should be held in the hands and knees with a weight in hand. Both feet and one hand should be on the ground, with one hand holding the weight moving back and forth.

On the fingertips

This exercise will make your legs very toned. Start by sitting with your hands on your hips. You should then rise to your fingertips for two seconds, then return to the first position. Do it twice by fifteen lifts and you will feel the effect.

Lie sideways raising the hips

This is the base that helps you feel fresh all over your body. Start by sitting on your side, with your feet on top of each other. Place one hand on the groin, lean on the elbow and raise the hips down and up.

Exercise with chairs

You can do this exercise with an old chair at home. All you have to do is keep your hands on the chair as you move your body up and down. Take a deep breath as you sit down and as you get up.


Do these routine exercises and you will see the result in less than a month.


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