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Excited the US with her poetry / Who is 22-year-old Amanda Gorman?


At the inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden, one of the most talked about participations was the exciting recitation of Amanda Gorman, the winner of the national poetry award. The 22-year-old was the youngest poet to recite at a president's inauguration ceremony.

But who is Amanda Gorman?

When she was 16 she won the award as the best young poet of Los Angeles. Just 3 years later, while a sophomore at Harward she won the award as the best young poet nationally. Her poem, entitled "The Hill We Climb," was an anthem to the violent events that took place on the Capitol a few days before Biden officially took over the presidency. '' I wanted this to be a message of hope and unity. And I think on Wednesday we all realized how much needed that was. '' - Gorman told CBS This Morning. ''

But Gorman is not just a young poet, she is also a human rights activist who has strongly spoken out against the rights of African-Americans around the world. When she was little everyone knew her as a little '' weird '', because she was a kid who loved to read and write all the time. '' There came a moment in my life where I felt like writing poems on a white paper was not enough for me. I wanted to interpret them, give them life, colors and emotions the way I felt. And it was this moment that made me overcome my fear of speaking in public. ''

"Every time I perform, I say a mantra to myself, which is: I am the daughter of color writers. We are the descendants of the freedom fighters who broke the chains and changed the world. They call me. And that's the way I prepare myself for the task I have to do, "she told CBS This Morning.

A detail that caught the eye of the media and the public were the earrings that Gorman wore, a gift from Oprah Winfrey in a symbolic sign, as such earrings were also worn by Maya Angelou who recited a poem at the inauguration of Bill Clinton in 1993.


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