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The Obama family has been quarantined along with Malia's boyfriend, here is what the President said


US President Barack Obama has allowed i his daughter's boyfriend, Malia, stays with their family at the start of the Covid pandemic 19.

In a recent interview with 'Instyle', Obama said that his daughter was dating someone, but did not reveal the identity of the beauty that Malia loves. He only revealed that the young man is British.

Like any father, Obama did not like the idea of his daughter having a boyfriend. But in the end he surrendered and met the boy who stole his little girl's heart, and even kept her at home.

"He is British. A wonderful guy. He was on a visa and had a job here. "He stayed home with us, he was a good boy," Obama said.

He said having Malia's boyfriend as a guest opened his eyes and made him realize how much food young people consume every day.

"My food bill went up by about 30%," the president joked. As for the days spent in isolation, Obama said they did various activities and fun games in order to spend as much valuable time in each other’s presence.

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