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Kids do not worry, New Year's Grandpa is vaccinated!


The director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases in the US Anthony Fauci, also the scientific face of the pandemic in the United States of America said in a TV appearance that even though we are in a state of pandemic and a health emergency, New Year's Grandpa will be able to provide gifts for well-behaved children.

"I took care of this because I was afraid you were upset," Fauci answered the questions of anxious children on a TV show with questions and answers with children who wanted to know if Grandpa could enter any house safely. December 25th.

"I made the trip to the North Pole, went there and vaccinated myself. "I measured the level of his immunity and he is ready to go to any home," said the immunologist, thus calming and cheering the children wherever they are.


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