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The DUA LIPA phenomenon, 126 babies in Britain got its name during 2019


Choosing names for children to be born is a very important 'task' for new parents and their families. Often the traditional, religious, historical names, but also those dictated by the famous characters of the times we live in are among the favorites of new parents.

According to a 2019 statistic, singer Dua Lipa and the character of the movie "Star Wars", Kylo Ren, are among the biggest influencers in the choices of parents for the names of their babies in the UK.

The Office for National Statistics in the UK announced that the number of babies named Dua doubled in 2019, compared to 2017 when the singer exploded in the UK with "New Rules".

According to the Office for National Statistics, 126 babies were baptized Dua last year in the UK, up from 63 in 2017.

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