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Movies you should watch with your partner


When you are in moments of relaxation on winter evenings and in the company of your partner, choosing a movie with a love theme can be ideal and can make you experience a wave of shared emotions. Here are some of the movies worth watching as a couple:

"I Love You, Man"
It's a very funny movie, even men love it. Paul Rudd is one of the best actors and when he plays alongside Jason Segel, the film is super entertaining, with amazing humor.
It is easy, cheerful.

"The Break-up"
Another love movie that every man would like to watch is The Break-Up! Not only will you see Jennifer Aniston in one of her most beautiful performances, but you will also notice how you will relate to their relationship. It is emotional, fun and very funny.

Couples Retreat
It is a love movie that talks about four couples that talks about four different relationships. It is heart liberating and super comic.

Date Night
Tina Fey brightens the stage, but it is also very comical. Totally keeps you stuck, because not only does it show a couple who are married and happy for a long time, but also i
presents them trying to break that comfort zone and trying to find themselves again.

"Love & Other Drugs"

Anne Hathaway in the lead role. A love comic, pun and much loved by couples.

"Just Married"
The late Brittany Murphy was one of the best actresses of her time. Not only was it weird, but when does he play Ashton Kutcher? This combination can not be rejected. It's a love movie, but intertwined. It’s all about the honeymoon and all that through what they go through when they are newlyweds.

"What Happens in Vegas"
This is another hilarious love movie suitable to watch with boys and girls as well. Cameron Diaz is absolutely lovely and this movie is very similar to
"Something About Mary". She is flirtatious, comical, and totally different.

This film does not focus on the bride, but the girl of honor and everything she goes through. It 's hilarious. If you have not seen this movie, then you have lost a lot.

"Friends With Benefits"
Who does not like Mila Quins? The sparks between Justin Timberlake and Mila are undeniable! They are friendly, delightful and this is the latest comic book that the boys
and the girls eventually love it.

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