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COVID-19 Vaccine Preparations: Proved to Be Effective and Safe by February, Wait a Minute - Wear Masks


Bill Gates, believes that almost any vaccine against coronavirus will be effective, writes CNN.

"I believe that from February all these vaccines will be effective and safe. "The number of new cases of COVID-19 is still growing and is expected to increase by February, which in the US would mean two thousand deaths within 24 hours - by that time," Gates added.

"That's why he insists on wearing masks - be patient until spring because then vaccines will start to reduce the number of infected - it will also help to change the weather, ie high temperatures," said the American billionaire.

"You have to be careful that vaccines are not wasted, but I believe that this will be resolved somehow. "I think there will be a lot of people who will be vaccinated immediately and they will attract others and so over time we will reach the 70 percent level, to prevent the spread of the disease."

In the United States, November 26, Thanksgiving Day, is an important holiday that usually hosts large family celebrations. Therefore, Gates urges his fellow citizens to be careful, especially during the holidays, and to avoid large meetings.

He explained that he will personally spend it at home and will connect with some of his friends and family members through video conferencing.


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