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Beyonce makeup artist shows how to realize makeup that looks beautiful with protective masks


Putting on masks has been new normality for us, the last few months, even though you have to cover your face, it does not mean that you can not create a beautiful makeup.

Beyonce makeup artist Sir John unveiled the gorgeous look you can make at home to ensure you look fabulous this summer.

Sir John said that now is the best time for "light and reflective makeup".

He shared a few simple steps you can follow to get a gorgeous glow

  • First, use concealer under the eyes to make sure your eyes look beautiful.

  • Then, have fun with color. Especially during the summer, play with the colored brush as much as possible.

  • Finish with the right eyeshadow, which makes your lashes look beautiful

In conclusion, if you have a meeting through videoconferencing, feel free to do your favorite makeup.

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