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The Untold Stories of Madonna / The autobiographical film that will talk about the life and career of the music diva


Music star Madonna will bring to an autobiographical film her life and career of more than 40 years, as the 'on top' diva of the music industry.

"I want to talk about this extraordinary journey, where life has taken me as an artist, musician, dancer and human being, in an effort to find my way in this world," the music star wrote on social media. .

"The focus of this film will always be music. Music keeps me moving forward and art keeps me alive. There are so many untold stories and who better than me can tell them? ”, Added the queen of pop music, who in this autobiographical film will come as co-authors and directors.

After entering the music industry in the early 1980s, Madonna would quickly gain a reputation as the queen of pop, climbing to the top of song charts such as "Like a Virgin", "True Blue" and "Like a Prayer". and at the same time breaking taboos.


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