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Irma Libohova: On the balcony of the school "Jeronim De Rada" I became a VIP, I sang my mother's song


The well-known Albanian singer, Irma Libohova sang her first song, receiving the first applause from the balcony of the nine-year school in the capital, "Jeronim de Rada".

Present at the inauguration ceremony of the school, now with modern facilities, Irma Libohova, one of the most wonderful voices of Albanian music, former student at this school, conveyed emotions and encouraged young people for this investment, which creates more opportunities for to dedicate themselves to learning.

Irma Libohova: On the balcony of the school "Jeronim De Rada" I became a VIP, I sang my mother's song 1

Taking the excited speech, Libohova said, "I am used to expressing my emotions through voice and I find it difficult to speak, but I will speak with great desire, as the teacher is an unbreakable myth for me."

She briefly mentioned some names which are the foundation of her formation.

"With a lot of love I want to remember the language teachers, Lajla, Filloreta, an Athenian teacher, with a lot of love I mention the music teachers, teacher Shaban Mara, Leonora, the chemistry and physics teacher, Vera, the professors working with wood working with metal "Abdurraman and Professor Selimi, of physical education Isufin, the caretaker teacher Ana Treska of the French language Shpresa, Lina and for all of them a big kiss and hugs" - said Libohova, testifying that she has not forgotten any of the first teachers.

She pointed out that from the balcony of this school she got the VIP name.

"Here I sang my mother's song for the first time and for us the teacher was also a mother. The song I sang here and received the first applause, is an unforgettable emotion for me "- said Libohova, improvising excerpts from the song./ATSH

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