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Here's how VIPs compose Christmas trees


Usually in most countries of the world December 6 marks the day of placing the tree and decorations at home. But this year to somewhat alleviate the gloom created by the aftermath of Covid-19, many people, cities or even VIP characters preferred to decorate their home earlier. writes that everything is ready in the house of stars with spectacular, traditional or minimalist trees.

It was Kylie Jenner who started the decorations: displaying her passion for the ornate home. Since mid-November she has prepared a large minimalist-style Christmas tree at her large villa in Los Angeles.

Also Chiara Ferragni and Fedez started decorating the tree about a month before Christmas.

The same was done by Alessia Marcuzzi who prepared the tree with her daughter Mia, creating a special moment for them; dressed in the same way and adorned the tree as every year.

With the arrival of her little girl, Gigi Hadid turned her Pennsylvania home into a magical aoz containing the holiday colors.

"Why cut down a tree when you can be a tree?" Said Katy Perry. With her usual irony, instead of decorating the house, she decorated herself like a twinkling tree.



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