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Are you in the beginning of your career and want to know how to go towards success? Here are some valuable tips from Anna Wintour


Successful businesses can vary in the products and services they offer, but the key to their success depends largely on one key element in common: proper leadership

If you are in the position of a leader of an employee staff or you will be the CEO of a business and you will learn a model work ethic, then Anna Wintour (Artistic Director of "Conde Nast media empire", the most powerful woman in the fashion industry and world-class influencers for business leaders) has some free tips for you:

Build your vision

Build a vision that others can trust. Master and be clear about your vision when communicating it to your team. Manage how to successfully execute that vision to move your company in the right direction.

Be strong in decision making

Do not be afraid to make bold decisions even though not everyone will agree with you. Anna believes that once you accept this and decide to stay true to your vision, you can be a better leader and manager.

Having the power of persuasion and communicating your point of view with clarity and determination is an essential component of Anna's leadership style. Indecision can be worse than making the wrong decision.

Cultivate new leaders in your industry

As a leader in the fashion industry, Anna felt she had a responsibility to help create the next generation of stylists.

Discovering, advising and empowering emerging talent not only helps secure the future of whatever industry you are in, but can also inspire and inform your work.

Build a diversified team

Anna finds the right people to work for Vogue. Its success is supported by a talented group of people, such as excellent writers, editors and photographers. When it comes to building your business, your team needs to be as diverse as possible - different backgrounds, experiences, ages and opinions.

Do not "micromanage"

If you trust your team, you can avoid "micromanagement". That doesn't mean you can't pay attention to detail - Anna reads every word that goes in the magazine and approves of every fashion story look, but it also empowers its editors to make decisions about her and the brand name. .

Stay engaged with the wider world beyond your industry

The lessons for a creative leader are the same, regardless of the focus of your business. Keeping your eyes and ears open to the world around you and encouraging employees to do the same is an essential quality for a leader in any industry.

Try to leave an impact

It is important to always think about how you can have the greatest impact on your industry and give more support to those in need.

You should always try to use your platform to do your best. Anna says, “Observe everything that is happening in the world in a rational way and choose what you believe is right. Take a stand and stick to your beliefs. ”



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