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Joe Biden "crazy" after… pasta!


After four years of hamburgers, steaks and fast food, carbs and pasta are back in the White House kitchen.

One of the Italian dishes of excellence in the US is expected to be accompanied by Joe Biden, the newly elected president, who has never hidden his passion for spaghetti, especially "crazy" for those with tomato sauce.

"He does not resist tomato-flavored pasta," former US President Barack Obama said in an interview with Kamala Harris, then a Democratic presidential candidate during the election campaign.

Biden's passion for pasta is unparalleled among US presidents, with Trump enjoying fast food, Obama with a nachosn, George W. Bush with pizza, and Bill Clinton with a cheeseburger.

To whom does Joe Biden owe his 'Italianism'?

Certainly his wife Jill, an Italian-American. The future First Lady, the first Italian-American in history, has Sicilian roots, to be exact in Gesso, a small village in the hills of Messina.

As some American media have written, Mrs. Biden usually cooks traditional Italian dishes like the ones she was accustomed to as a child during family lunches.

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