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Career and motherhood, tips on how to get back to work after pregnancy


For many women, returning to work after becoming a mother is challenging. New responsibilities make it even more difficult to be fully committed to work and family.

However today we also know many successful ladies models who are successful in career and also have a healthy family.

To help you get back to the top of your career and grow professionally even while staying at home we suggest you follow these tips:

Get an 'online' qualification

Many mothers do not just want to go back to work after maternity leave, but they want to go back to work in the position of their dreams. If you like this do not sit still. You can use the time available to you during maternity leave to learn a new skill.

Do not lose contact

People move to different jobs and industries all the time so before you go back to work you should try to reconnect with your network. You can do this by sending a message, a phone call inviting you to have a coffee together.

Do not 'disappear' from social networks

There is nothing more frustrating than losing followers and attention on your business social media profile. Many career-minded people are extremely present on social media as a way to build their personal brand and connect with others working within their industry. However, if you stop posting and being active, you may find that all the hard work you have done is undone.

Talk to other career moms

To motivate yourself, you need to talk to other career moms who have been in the same position as you or read online blogs of working mothers. This will help you get tips on balancing life, work and family that has previously worked for others and gain the emotional support you need to make your return to work successful.

Review your CV

As a new mom, your resume will be drastically different than it was before you got pregnant. For example, you need to supplement it with new skills and qualifications that you acquired during the holidays.

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