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Coronavirus does not spare even the prime minister's son, Greg Rama confesses the confrontation with Covid and thanks…


The eldest son of Prime Minister Edi Rama, Greg Rama, has shared today with his followers on social networks the news that he has been affected by Covid-19 and has won the battle with the virus.

In his post, Greg thanked the doctors and nurses of the "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital for the care they have shown to him, even though they work in conditions of great stress. He also says that he did the tests in the hospital, while he received the treatment at home. According to him, the experience with Covid has increased the respect for all those who are on the front line of the fight against the treacherous virus, while suggesting that he is now well, physically and mentally.

Greg Rama's full post: "Thanks to the doctors who took care of me and above all respect for the doctors and nurses of the Senate. I feel obliged to express them publicly in conditions when they are really working under unprecedented stress and what they are not being forced to listen to! Luckily after the tests I got in the hospital and the treatment I got at home I feel much better physically and mentally. It took me this event to grow even more respect and trust in those who are every hour and minute on the front line of fire, in this war! I wish the past and a speedy recovery to all those who are facing this treacherous virus! ” / LIVING /


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