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Kozeta Kurti: The Song Festival for the first time will take place in an open environment in the city


Kozeta Kurti, in the role of public relations manager of the 59th Song Festival has been invited to the show "Modern Time" in Rtsh, to reveal some details from this edition. She has indicated that due to the limitations of the pandemic, the festival will take place in an open environment in the city. The stage will be built with retro cars, while casual passers-by will also be public. 

When asked by the program moderators if they would try to avoid negative comments, she explained that there is "pressure" between the singers to make each other withdraw from the competition. 

 As for the selection of two moderators, Blendi Salaj and Jonida Vokshi, Kozeta said that "they are unconsumed figures in running a festival". She also revealed that Blendi will also be in the role of screenwriter,while Jonida will also use her profile as an actress. The jury has not been selected yet.

It remains to be seen how the 59th Song Festival will take place, which will also select Albania's representative in Eurovision.

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