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Skin care during the cold season


The skin, unlike other parts of the body, is more sensitive to cold, as it has its first contact with low temperatures. Dry skin, redness and irritation are the obvious problems we see on the skin.

Since the cold in this season is inevitable, then all that remains for us is to take care and take the necessary measures to successfully cope with this season.

But how many times should the skin be hydrated during the winter?

The skin should be treated with emollient creams in a considerable amount to maintain an average standard of skin hydration.

Hydration is done after the shower, after good drying so as not to leave the skin moist. The greatest drying is actually on the body as the many clothes we wear are the cause of drying and a good hydration of the body skin is always necessary. Face creams since the face is most in contact with atmospheric changes can be used daily, during the morning and afternoon. Also, face creams can be used with a sunscreen filter, ie sunscreen.


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