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The right make-up for the holidays, inspired by international VIPs


In addition to hair color, dress and accessories, make up is a very important element that makes us look festive and get involved in the magic of celebrations. Undoubtedly, makeup for Christmas or New Year should be something that stands out, a touch of elegance that distinguishes glamorous beauty and that you do not use in your daily life.

The golden make-up is full of light and immediately gives the glamorous effect. The most important thing is to choose the right shade depending on your skin and hair color type.

If you have dark skin, then dare with yellow tones of bronze or light gold. Gold is one of the makeup trends that never goes out of fashion and their metallic shine will always provide you with a glamorous and luxurious look. It is good to understand, how to choose the right eye shadow. Red color is mandatory on the lips, but you can also play with the dress or even the natural one. If you are looking for beautiful ideas and have the right inspiration for the right make-up for the holiday season, the following gallery with photos of celebrities can inspire you.




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