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Mesopotamian Monastery in Saranda, where culture and history overlap


The Church of the Monastery of St. Kolli (Mesopotamia) in the south of the country, a cultural monument of the first category, has long been added to the itinerary of "Roads of Faith" and the list of religious tourism, where local and foreign tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with history intertwined with the beauties of landscape and cult.

After the complete restoration of the church of St. Kolli and recently the consolidation of the bell tower by the teams of the Institute of Cultural Monuments, the Monastery is one of the destinations that should not be missed without visiting.

It is considered as one of the rare monuments of the South of Albania, where culture and history overlap, where the symbols engraved on the walls, are one more reason to visit the Monastery of Mesopotamia in the district of Saranda, very close to the ancient city of Finiq.

Restorations in the masonry, on the roof, the consolidation of the ruins of the inns, in the interiors, the renovation of the lighting network have brought to light the unique architecture that this church carries.

It is one of the largest and oldest churches of the Byzantine period that preserves original values and is thought to have been built in the time of the Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomaku.

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