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Nik Xhelilaj remembers adolescence: I ran away from school, my father did not talk to me for 6 months


Nik Xhelilaj is a character who always arouses the interest of the public. Recently, the famous actor has been invited to the radio show "Pardon my french" on Top Albania Radio after a relatively long period where he has stayed away from public appearances and interviews.

During the interview where he talked about his career, the actor also confessed an episode from his adolescence.

He testified that at the age of 14 he was in a military school in Turkey, which he 'abandoned' shortly after leaving because he did not want to receive military training.

"I was 14 years old when I went to Turkey, I remembered that it was only my father's idea to go there, but now in a pandemic when I was in Albania in March, before I left my mom told me" no no… I applied your name… "Even if this surprise came to me from my mom, I did not know, because it was my mom f guilty… In those years I remember the way I did from the Palace of Culture to Istanbul by bus and in '97 -98 I left school, I only stayed 4 months and I escaped, I had a hard time because I was the only one coming from Tirana. For 6 months my father did not speak to me. "He wasted three months in a row, buying the ticket to leave for Istanbul on Monday", Xhelilaj confessed.

In terms of career, he revealed that he will soon appear with an episodic role in a German series, which will be released in March on "Amazon Prime".


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