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One of the most prominent women in the world / Actress Tinka Kurti celebrates her 88th birthday


The great artist of the Albanian stage and cinema Tinka Kurti celebrates her 88th birthday today.

Although she has confessed in several interviews that she accidentally enrolled to study in the Drama branch at the Drama High School of that time, few know that the artist's mother in her youth was a leading actress at the National Theater in Sarajevo. in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the establishment of the “Migjeni” Theater in the city of Shkodra, Tinka Kurti became part of the troupe as a semi-professional actress and was also among the 10 actors who founded the institution of the city of Shkodra.

It was the award "Best Actress of the Republic" and the festival cup at the first Albanian Theater Festival that promoted actress Tinka Kurti in the category of professional actors with the role in the play "Our Land" directed by Kol Jakova.

During her career where she has won a number of national and regional awards and has performed about 260 roles on the theater stage and 95 roles in cinematography.

In 1994 she entered the Encyclopedia of the American Biographical Institute as one of the 5,000 most prominent women in the world and even on December 17, 2007 she was invited to Washington (USA) to place a marble slab with her name on this Institute.


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