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"Open door" wins two awards at the 21st edition of the European Film Festival


"Open door" directed by Florenc Papas and starring Luli Bitri and Jonida Vokshi won two awards at the 21st European Film Festival that took place in Lecce, Italy, from October 31 to November 7. The film tells the story of two sisters who undertake a long journey to their father's house and the concern they have for facing him and his patriarchal mentality received the ‘Cineeuropa’ award and the ‘Public Award’.

"Delegation" by Bujar Alimani, "Day begins" by Gentian Koçi and "Unfinished Portrait" by Namik Ajazi were the other three Albanian films part of the Balkan section.

The four Albanian screenings were of great importance in this festival as they reflected the Balkan reality.

The film "Open Door" this year represents Albania in one of the biggest festivals in the globe, such as the Oscars

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