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Ornella Muti arrives in Albania at the invitation of producer Sokol Guga (Photos)


Italian cinema star Ornella Muti for the first time last night has violated the Albanian land, as she will be the special guest of the show "Christmas in Tirana", an exclusive production of Sokol Guga, which will come on the evening of the 25th December at Klan Plus to donate a bouquet of music, entertainment and show of artistic proportions to make your Christmas evening even more beautiful.

It was the producer himself who shared on social media some photos during the meeting with the iconic Italian actress.

Part of the show will be the famous Italian singer Alex Palmieri, as well as some of the most famous artists of Albanian music such as: Manjola Nalllbani, Eranda Liabohova, Rosela Gjylbegu and Marsela Çibukaj.

Ornella Muti, today 65 years old continues to be one of the most influential women of all time, an inspiration for many generations in Italy and abroad, the icon of fashion and style, the "sweet" woman surrounded by greatness , mystery and global admiration.


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