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Record sales in just 30 days / Barack Obama's book among the most favorite in the world


"A Promised Land" is the book that former President Barack Obama launched on November 17. Although it is only a month since it was released, the book has accumulated so far full 3.3 million copies sold in the US and Canada.

The book is an interesting and true story, filled with facts, descriptions and experiences of the life of the 44th US president at the helm of the White House.

The Crown Publishing House has announced that at this rate the book is moving towards becoming one of the best-selling memoirs of former presidents in modern times.

Recall here that the books of former presidents Bill Clinton's "My Life" and George W. Bush's "Decision Points" sold between 3.5 and four million copies.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama's book "Becoming" has sold over 8 million copies in North America since 2018 when it hit the market.

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