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Rita Ora travels to Bulgaria for her new project


Rita Ora has traveled to Bulgaria to start shooting for a new song.

The artist of "I Will Never Let You Down", recently apologized publicly for the rules she broke during the birthday celebration in a bar in London.

"She has spent most of this year working on projects and hopes to launch them in early 2021, with a song she will also be shooting in Bulgaria." - said a source for "The Sun".

"Rita does not want to stay in London this time, so she traveled to celebrate Christmas and New Year in order to start a fresh year in January," the source said.

Rita's journey comes after she encouraged fans to 'become better than her and abide by the rules set for Covid-19'.

For breaking the rules, Rita was also reprimanded by her parents, Besnik and Vera Ora.


Rita Ora travels to Bulgaria for her new project 1

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