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Lady Gaga's touching story: Music helped me fight depression


Lady Gaga released this summer her sixth album, 'Chromatica', which among other things through music rhythms addresses important issues such as mental health and depression.

In an interview with 'People', 34-year-old Gaga, while telling more about the album, recounted the pressure and stress she experienced from being a public person and how music helped her overcome her mental health challenges.

"I woke up in the morning and reminded myself that I was Lady Gaga. Then I despaired because I didn’t want to be myself, I didn’t want to be Lady Gaga. I have always felt threatened by my fame and the pace of life that my career has created for me. ”

"I spent a lot of time in a kind of depressive state just not wanting to do anything," says Gaga, giving messages to fans to be more compassionate and respect everyone's suffering and stories.



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