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Writers' 'secrets', interesting facts of letter colossi


By Erma Xhameta

Literary legends abound, and a summary of them has been adapted into the book The Secret Lives of Great Authors, written by Robert Schnakenberg. The book talks about Franz Kafka's nudist practices, or Arthur Conan Doyle's strange ideas about a hypothetical fairy conquest. Here are some interesting facts about some of the well-known authors that will open the mouth of literature lovers and not only.

Alberto Moravia during his vacation in Capri, always took walks with an owl on his arm. While his wife, Elsa Morante, was walking with the cat tied with rope.

Alexander Manzoni was very afraid of public speaking, suffered from agoraphobia and was terrified of the idea of walking alone on the street. He could not stand the chirping of birds.

Dante's sudden death left the "Divine Comedy" without the last verses of "Paradise", or so his children said, with a wise marketing move, as was appreciated in the modern world. Eight months after his death, Dante appeared to his children as a ghost, to direct them to where the missing parts of his poem were. At least, so show the poet's descendants.

William Shakespeare had a troubled relationship with money. He gave money to friends with interest, cheated the tax office, demanded every penny he owed, and often even took his debtors to court. Among other things, he was an unfaithful spouse. His extramarital affairs were numerous, and it is even thought that he had illegitimate children.

For a writer who wrote a lot about the dark areas of the soul, Franz Kafka, the author of "Metamorphosis" liked the fresh air. He even joined a group of nudists, walking to the hotel where he was staying without any clothing on his body.


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