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'' Streetstyle '' / 15 best looks of Victoria Beckham


Stylists, singers, models and mothers. Victoria Beckham is undoubtedly one of the best examples of a successful career that has known only consecutive victories and climbs.

The fashion designer, turned icon and influential all over the world has an extraordinary style whether on the street, at the airport or on the red carpet.


When it comes to the best style and outfits, Beckham has an important tip to keep in mind. "In the beginning, you have to try everything. "Good, bad, terrible." "As you grow older, you start to get a good idea of what suits you. Trust your style, not a stylist or rule maker. ”

Over the years, Beckham has grown in influence, fame and fortune, while never, ever disappointing in terms of dress and fashion.

To once again bring to attention her inspiring style, we bring some of her best outfits to our photo gallery.

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