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Study / Women overestimate the attraction of men from thin and weak bodies


A new study conducted by Sarah N. Johnson and Renee Engeln found that women overestimate men's attraction to thin catwalk models.

The study asked a group of 548 college students, divided almost equally between men and women. They were asked to rate the bodies of various female and male models.

According to researchers, there is a ‘parallel misunderstanding’ in which men and women overestimate the extent to which the opposite sex would be attracted to slender, weak and elegant bodies.

A study called "Gender Mismatches in the Perception of Female Model Bodies" found that men did not necessarily like thin women, but they also valued other traits of attractiveness such as shape, smile, hair, etc.

The study concluded that both women and men overestimate the way the opposite sex views the 'model' body, a type that is commonly portrayed in the media or in other shows of high fashion brands.



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