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To support local tourism, '' Albania The Beautiful '' reveals Albanian beauties


Tourism has been and will remain one of the most important sectors of the economy in Albania. In a situation complicated by the pandemic where the possibilities of traveling abroad are small, each of us has the task and the need to become the main promoters of local tourism.

With a routine closely linked between work or school we forget that we can give our weekends a unique experience and full meaning. Very close to us in the north, south or in central Albania are hidden "oases" with hidden beauties waiting to be discovered by us. Sometimes a small virtual window can spark to visit places that appear so beautiful and full of feeling on your smartphone…

Such is supposed to be "Albania The Beautiful", a virtual window that helps you see and love Albania.

With the sole purpose of promoting Albania "Albania The Beautiful - Territories and people" comes in its second edition. After an experience that brought together artists and creatives in the national competition of promotional postcards 2019 "Albania The Beautiful", Maniacard - Free Card Advertising & Media brings its second edition.

This new edition also supported by Ministry of Tourism and Environment  brings in the eyes of all, new destinations of our country with unique and competitive tourist potential. '' Albania The Beautiful '' is the window of everyone to see and experience the most unique experiences in all the hidden destinations of Albania.

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