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"Journey between the stars", the book for professional and personal journey / Gjoka: Television requires dedicated professionals


"The book" Journey between the stars "is a story of my professional and personal journey, as well as a reflection of a journey that I started with a lot of love and dreams."

This is what Dhimitër Gjoka, news announcer, TV presenter for almost half a century, says in an interview for ATSH, who with his resounding tone of voice and pure articulation of Albanian has stuck the viewers in front of the screen in informative news editions, as before 90s even in the years of democracy.

Gjoka, who for 45 years has presented the news of the day, still directs the TV magazine RTSH today.

For all the great work of 45 years on the screen, but also for his life beyond the screen, Gjoka says that “the road was long, difficult but to my good fortune filled with sunny days and nights full of bright stars , thus facilitating my steps towards the right paths. "These were the paths from which I would walk to get to where my dreams were knocking."

"It is said that fate helps the brave and courage was one of my allies. I came from a place full of sunshine and wonderful sea, surrounded by majestic mountains in perfect harmony with nature. This natural suggestion fills you with courage and self-confidence. So, Himara is in my DNA ", - said Gjoka.

As I have pointed out in the book, he continues, my origin starts from this distant coastal place, to continue in the beloved Vlora of my youth and to close the journey of my dream in the capital of my country, where the dreams of mine became a reality.

"When I went down to the sea, Himara offered me the greatest amphitheater of this world, while when I climbed the mountain, the sea horizon fascinated me. These are unique images that the eye of every artist would envy. Such a mold is seldom found in life, and when it takes it within itself, it holds it as a permanent asset within the soul, and for everything you can do in life, you say to yourself: will I resemble her at all ?! ", - says Gjoka.

Asked what television has given him in these 45 years of career, Gjoka confesses that "television is a large media enterprise that produces and broadcasts culture, ethics while outlining national identity."

"It requires dedicated professionals, as well as a well-coordinated collegial work to serve its noble mission in relation to the public. So my contribution to the visible part of the screen as a moderator, and invisible as a director has been closely linked to other colleagues of the editorial staff. Of course, in this cooperation, everyone has his specific position and individuality, merits and appropriate assessments ", - emphasizes Gjoka.

In his long journey in this media community, Gjoka says that “I felt comfortable, I felt at home. "Television gave me pleasure, recognition and of course national and international appreciation, enjoying the privilege of being a public person."

In his career, Gjoka has been the director of the Sports Section, news, documentaries, telereports and even spectacles.

"Recognition as a news moderator is the visible side of the screen, while in terms of directing you are always behind the scenes. I have walked in parallel because on television you can not just stand on one profile. I have directed everything from sports sections, news, documentaries, telereports to spectacles. But I want to point out here that directing a documentary has attracted me more, for the expressive opportunities it gives you as a creator. As was the case for the realization of the film "O JETO", with a screenplay by Roland Gjoza and a camera by Agim Kurit dedicated to the mothers of Himara. This film was awarded the Lux Clarior International Prize at the Assisi Film Festival in Italy. A film made with a lot of love and that gave me great pleasure ", - underlines Gjoka.

For many young people who want to make television, Gjoka says that I see many talented young people on our screens who work hard, full of passion who seek to "steal" the craft and become better than the masters. I honestly feel very good about this and I am excited about these new feeds ".

"Today, of course, the competition is even stronger, but the opportunities to achieve success, to make that difference, are even greater. "In this beautiful profession, not only desire and passion are enough, but a lot of individual work, discipline and dedication are required", - he says.

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