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EXCLUSIVE / Vilma Masha confesses motherhood- How Sea changed my life


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Sea came to life 9 months ago and from that moment everything changed in the life of Vilma Masha, charming sports moderator. Sleepless nights, early mornings, parenting instincts, unlimited love, pleasures that seem to slowly take the form of the true meaning of life.

Vilma Masha comes to this interview as spontaneously, as well as caring, eloquent, sincere, smiling and playful, without a bit of secrecy, as it has actually been conveyed for so many years to the public, fans, distant friends and near.

Between the lines you will read an emotional story of hers, just as passionate, dreamy and realistic that highlights her dimensions as a man, a woman, a journalist and already as a mother.

A parable about motherhood and love, to then move on to the world of television and journalism. A story about the eternal love of every parent… THE CHILD.

EXCLUSIVE / Vilma Masha confesses motherhood- How Sea changed my life 1 

What is Vilma's new life as a wife and mother?

My life as well as that of many people, after marriage, has certainly changed a lot, with other priorities and commitments. A new reality where the word girl is replaced by the word woman, which has the obligations, responsibilities and pleasures of being such. Starting from the morning routine, where you are no longer alone, but you are with your spouse, and to continue with the rest of the day, with professional work and work inside and outside the house. As life as a mother, indisputably that is of another dimension. An indescribable happiness, an extraordinary emotion, a constant preoccupation, another world. Sea is my greatest happiness, it is the light that has enlightened my soul. Now there is no more me, but Sea, whatever we do, think of it in the first place; from the most important decisions for her well-being to walks that are inconceivable without Sean. Our priority is Sea. From time to time I am reminded of the sentence that many parents have said and continue to say: "It is a feeling that can not be described in words and you can not understand if you do not try it."

What was the first thought that came to your mind when you took Sean in your arms?

I did not think, I cried. Immediately after the birth, my midwife brought me to see her and to smell her, and I just cried. Whereas when I took her in my arms in the room, I thought I had done this miracle, so fragile, small, sweet.

Who has been the most supportive person during this time?

The family is unquestionably the first, with all its help and dedication. And the word family is not a single person.

EXCLUSIVE / Vilma Masha confesses motherhood- How Sea changed my life 2Pregnancy is a happy and special moment in every woman's life. How was this period for you, how did you experience it?

I have experienced it very well to be honest, I have been carrying out my normal activities, since going to work, on the show, touring with my husband and friends, monthly meetings with Dr. Benin, and also without being absent from public life events where I am often invited. Sea has been a good girl for 9 months, causing me some worries. Even on the weekend I was on a live broadcast, presenting the show "Gol Pas Goli", after the Partizani-Tirana derby was played and on Thursday I gave birth to my daughter. However, I want to emphasize that during 9 months my care has been maximum, for Sea to come to a healthy life.

Sleepless nights, early mornings are some of the most common new maternity habits. What has changed in your life, the birth of Seas? Has it changed you as a man, as a woman, has it made you more sensitive?

I have a special relationship with sleep, more precisely I had. I love sleep very much, I like to sleep in the mornings, since my work, as a journalist, as a presenter does not force me to be in the office or broadcasting early, as football is played at lunch and mainly in the evening. But with the birth of Sea, there is no more sleep, no more schedules, as it is known that babies often wake up at night to drink, wake up from abdominal pain, to change, or even to play. Dedication to the girl is maximal both at night and during the day, so there is a new routine. The arrival of a child in life definitely changes you, makes you much more sensitive, more responsible, happier. It is such a small creature that needs 24 hours for your care. A child's feeling is fourfold different from other feelings, it is unquestionably the greatest love.

We also talk a little about career. It seems like we always see Vilma Masha talking only about others from the screen. What can Vilma tell us about herself? How do you feel at this stage of your career? Are you what you wished you were when you embarked on this journey more than 15 years ago?

At this stage, I feel really good, but journalism and television are constantly evolving, where you have to run, learn and always give your best. Journalism is my passion and in fact I am lucky to develop my passion every day. I would not say that a 20-year-old girl knows exactly what she will achieve in the future. During my journalism school years, I only knew I wanted to be a journalist, and I achieved that. Then the cravings become greater, just as the appetite comes by eating. Working in the newspaper, and then on television for 15 years I think I have been rewarded. I direct in Supersport on the Digital Platform the show "Gol Pas Goli" for 9 years, which was a novelty for the time and continues to grow and improve more and more, offering sports fans, mainly those of football, what they want, that from live matches, goals, briefings, exclusive interviews, personal stories, and discussions with green field professionals and actors. However, 15 years in journalism is not enough, as it is a profession that fortunately, never runs out and where you can do beautiful and pleasant things for those who follow you.

From the point of view of a man and a journalist who sees a career strongly related to television as a medium, how do you see the television media market in Albania?

This is a complex question, the answer to which we can ask in several perspectives. First, I see the media market as somewhat improved, always evolving to bring new things, but not always successful. Secondly, I like that it is not as chaotic as it used to be, ideas for TV projects or shows are clearer, more thoughtful, more studied in what they will serve to the public. Third, I understand that we are able to create programs without having to copy ugly foreign formats. And finally it is the audience and this in different classifications that decides what they prefer to see on the big screen.

What advice would you give to young girls aspiring to television? 

I do not like to give advice, but what I would say is to work hard for their dreams and if they fall, find the strength to get up again because only through continuous effort can they achieve what they want. But even a little luck is needed.

What is the first perception that comes to you when you hear the word 'journalist', 'sports journalist'?

I immediately turn my head to see who it is. Instinctive 🙂 As in any profession, in journalism we have many who hold or set this title for themselves. I do not prejudge, I like to see them, what they offer. In this world there is room for everyone.

EXCLUSIVE / Vilma Masha confesses motherhood- How Sea changed my life 4Albania is a country in transition, a country that is rapidly, perhaps even a little messy, constantly changing. As a journalist with a knowledge of reality and social life, are you a worried mother today?

When I still hear the word transition, I get really upset, how can a country with about 30 years of democracy still be in transition ?! A very long period, to be a European country like Albania, but in terms of problems it is difficult to seem like that. I'm concerned about some aspects of social life that I believe we all touch on on a daily basis.

What is your dream for Sean?

I wish you grow up healthy, and happy. This is the first, while to further tell the truth I did not think, I am enjoying to the maximum every stage of it. But even in the future I would not want to impose my dreams or desires on her. But it seems too soon for me to talk about it as Sea is only 9 months old.

Finally, do we have plans to raise a family?

Ha ha ha. This is a question that is often asked of new mothers. The answer I give smiling is, can I raise Sean a little, that she is a baby. In the future I do not know what might happen.


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