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Jessica Barber tells childhood dream, business she plans to start in America


Jessica Barber is a model with a successful career and one of the most beloved figures for the Albanian public. Recently the famous model in an interview has revealed that she is planning to realize one of her biggest dreams, which she considers as the most important project of her life.

Jessica has expressed that she wants to open a business in America and then get involved as much as possible in philanthropic causes.

"I have been a very successful businesswoman since I was little. When I was 10 years old I sewed doll dresses and went out and sold them in the neighborhood. I made 500 new lekë every day and I spent what I earned with the neighborhood company. I always wanted to share things with others. "I want the company I will open to be successful, because I want to do a lot of philanthropic work." - said the model.



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