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Pse kremi për fytyrën duhet të aplikohet me furçë?


Have you ever heard of the rule to apply the cream with a brush on the face?

After reading this article you may consider incorporating this rule into your routine.

Skin care experts explain that using a brush when applying face cream has many advantages .

First, by using a brush , you will avoid carrying dirt and dangerous germs from your fingers to your face.

Second, the brush will spread the cream better on your face, so you won’t throw away the excess like when you use your fingers, which is economical, especially if you use expensive creams.

The brush gently exfoliates the face, opens the pores, allowing the cream to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and improves circulation, which contributes to better skin appearance, elasticity and slower aging.

Choose a brush that you will use exclusively for applying the cream. After use, wipe it with a wet tissue to remove the cream residue.

Also, it is very important to wash the brush carefully with soap and mild water every few days to remove cream residue and dirt. Wash the brush with gentle movements so that the bristles do not fall out, and then put it in a dry and ventilated place so that it dries faster and easier.

It goes without saying that you should only use this brush for applying cream, never apply powder.

Pse kremi për fytyrën duhet të aplikohet me furçë? 1

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